Online Tickets Business Opportunities

and Ideas to Consider

Planning to start an event ticketing business? Here are some online tickets business opportunities and ideas to consider!

Selling tickets on the web can be a great business opportunity since most people prefer buying things online, and event tickets are not an exception.

However, entering the event ticketing business is not as easy as you think it is. You need to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals, you need to have a great business idea, and the right tools to transform your idea into a reality.

In this article, we will share a few online tickets business opportunities and ideas for starting your own event ticketing business by presenting examples of existing businesses that sell event tickets.

Online Tickets Business Opportunities

There are two main approaches you can take when starting your own event ticketing business. You can sell tickets online on your own or you can become a ticket broker.

If you are interested in becoming a ticket broker, you will have to purchase a few blocks of tickets in advance and then set up your own site or store through which you can sell tickets. If you want to sell tickets to your own event, all you have to do is build your own site and start selling online.

Setting up your own website today is pretty simple. With WordPress or ecommerce solution like www.shopify.com/sell/tickets you can build your own ticketing website and start selling right away. But first, you need a creative idea to get started.

Here, we present you some online tickets business opportunities and ideas:

➢ Churches:

Did you know that churches host different events which visitors need to buy tickets for? Yes and some of the most popular types of events are seminars, retreats, meetings, vacation Bible school, and Youth camps.

➢ Workshops & Classes:

You can offer and sell tickets for different types of workshops, classes, and training sessions. All you need is for you to build a website and connect with ticket selling associations or ticket resellers. You can come up with creative ways to promote your site and attract as many new potential buyers as possible.

➢ Events & Local Festivals:

Another great idea is to sell tickets for events and popular local festivals. Make a little research and see what is happening in the next 3 months and see if there is something that will attract a lot of attention. You can sell all kinds of tickets such as raffle tickets, spectator tickets, ticket packages, and etc. directly from your website.

➢ Meetings & Conferences:

If you are planning to start an event ticketing business for meetings and conferences then you are going to need to be able to sell a few types of tickets. You will also need to integrate with third-party applications and sell tickets for summits, forums, symposiums, congress, expos, conventions, conclaves, and etc.

➢ Seminars:

If you know some online course instructor or online course seller you can connect with him and sell registration tickets directly through your site.

➢ Charity Organizations:

One of the best online tickets business opportunities is setting up an event ticketing business to sell tickets and collect investments for charity organizations and nonprofits. You can sell all kinds of tickets including galas, fundraisers, community events, banquets, leadership camps, concerts, annual awards celebrations, and etc.

➢ Sporting Events:

Selling tickets online for sporting events can be a successful business idea. Usually, the sport-related events require for ticket brokers to offer special discounts, bird discounts, tickets for after-parties, and etc. You can offer tickets for marathons, trail races, cycling events, golf tournaments, yoga retreats, and etc.

Find the right online ticket business opportunity, set up a website, and start selling!